Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1.What is the method of receiving tips?
We send tips via email or WhatsApp, including full details and picks.

2.Do you offer long-term memberships, such as 2 or 3 months?
Yes, we do. Please contact us for more information.

3.What are the terms and conditions of fixed matches?

-The payment must be made in full before the match.

-Fixed matches cannot be given for trial or confidence purposes.

4.What happens in case of a loss?
There is no room for loss, because matches are 100% sure and fixed with informations directly from club.

5.Will you ask for more money after I make the payment?
No, the price of the service is fixed and will not change.

6.When is the next fixed match?
The next fixed match will be posted right after the proofs of the last match are posted.

8.Can fixed matches make someone a multi-millionaire?
If someone bets for many years, it is possible to become a multi-millionaire with fixed matches.

9.What are the aims and desires of fixed matches sellers?
Our aim is to profit and make betting a secure experience. We need investors to buy fixed matches from our source, and we provide the investors with the match as well. It’s not just about luck.

10.How does a game become fixed and how does it win with all fans watching a real game?
The club managers make a secret deal, and the players agree to it. Everyone involved gets their own fair share. The match might look normal, but the players know how to fix a match since they are professional players.

11. Premier League game be fixed or any big game like UEFA?
No, big leagues cannot be fixed because the players earn a lot and are not interested. Fixed matches happen in second or third leagues or friendly matches.

12.What makes a fixed match lose, and what do you do to safeguard against these incidents?
When the club managers do not find a common language or get caught, the match is canceled. We replace the match for free in such cases.

If need 100% sure Soccer Fixed Matches, you are on right place!

13.Are betting sites aware of fixed matches?
Yes, that is why some sites block players from betting on certain leagues. They know something fishy might happen. However, these incidents happen very rarely, and if they happen, we replace the match for free, or you can choose to receive a moneyback.

14.Do you scam people?
No, nobody would agree to make a video testimony for us if we did.

15.How much do you pay for a fixed game?
We cannot disclose the exact amount publicly, but the price is very high, hundreds of thousands of dollars.

16.Soccer Fixed Matches Today?
No, they are not. Therefore, we have been providing 
100% sure fixed matches since 2008. You can also enjoy our free tips or subscribe to our fixed matches to make real money. All you need to do is contact our agent.

FAQ about fixed matches